Friday, 23 August 2013

Student Project V: Adventure Toolkit - Sample Game "finished"

The sample game for my adventure toolkit is finished to the point that was set with my tutor. There are two levels and some "loading scenes" around them. It is a classic point and click adventure game with five actions (walk, talk, pick up, use and look at), seven items that can be picked up and three more items that can be gained by combining items. It is called "Dork Tales".

I ended up modeling three different characters, the cat fish mentioned earlier, a frog in a fisherman's coat and hat as well as the main character, a normal human that looks a bit too much like me...

Frog with umbrella (front)
Frog with umbrella (side)
Frog with umbrella (perspective)
Cat Fish with textures (front)
Cat Fish with textures (perspective)
Cat Fish with Textures (side)
Main Char (front)
Main Char (perspective)
Main Char (side)

All models are still somewhat low poly and have simple textures but that is sufficient for the sample game.

Here are some ingame screen shots:

finished level in Editor (without any ui and old shader for the crystals)
That is the latest version (ingame screen shot with ui)

The resolution is 16 to 9 because the camera pans in the first level and in widescreen it was easier to navigate.

The game is not finished at all, it is just the introduction to a bigger game I will try to continue in my free time but inside the scope of the student project it is finished and will be graded as part of the whole project. The play time so far is about five to ten minutes depending on reading speed and puzzle solving skills. The puzzles are quite simple item combinations with some word play involved like binding two ribbons to a bow (tie) and combining that with an arrow sign results in bow and arrow...

I had more word play planned for the game but realized that most of it would involve an extended understanding of the english language which was not present with most of my testers, so I will add more later on and try to integrate other kinds of puzzle elements to balance the word play. The main character is a pen-and-paper role playing gamer but that is something that is not that dominant by now. I will also have to change that because it is his story and apart from a dice bag and some comment on interacting with it and the environment there is no mention of rpg at all, no cliches or no innuendo at all...

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Student Project V: Adventure Toolkit - Progress on Sample Game

As the project processes, I have to work in different disciplines and one of them is 3D modelling in 3D Studio Max. I wanted to use freelancers for these parts but could not find people who had the time to help me out, so I have to do the character models on my own.

One of the models I work on is an obstacle in the early game which is a mix between a lion fish and a cat with the head more cat like. It lives in an underground pond and threatens to eat everything that comes near.

There is still a lot of work to be done on it, like the unwrap, the texturing and eventually the rigging (which I might skip for a time) but I am happy with it so far...

Have some renders:

As for the rest of the game, the mechanics are all finished if not polished and the first room is nearly complete, there are some environment models missing that a friend is still working on and when I get them, I will post some screen-shots of the level.