Most of my stories are just concepts but all of them are written in German, so posting them here would be somewhat useless. I will give a synopsis on the longer stories here. There is a new blog just for my stories over at where I post translated short stories or chapters of longer ones.

Elemente des Schicksals: Feuer

The title can be translated as "Elements of Fate: Fire". The story is about Davim "Erlo" Erloran who was abandoned by his father as a baby and then grew up in a small farming village in the land Larh Draakh. One day, shortly after his sixteenth birthday he was given a magical crystal as a present. The crystal is a kind of crystallized magic fire which accidentally fused with the boy. After a confrontation in which he lost control and the fire gained control over him, he had to leave the village and find a way to master this new power.

Terra Magicka

After many years of self-imposed exile Ratherford has to face the world again to oppose a great evil that threatens to destroy her home and even the whole world.