Friday, 1 April 2011

The countdown is running...

On Wednesday I start my semester at a local Game Design School and I have to change my schedule from sleeping past noon to getting up early in the morning. My time working on the Dragon Age: Origins Mod "The magic of innocence" will be much shorter depending on the workload from school but it will not cease entirely if I can manage it somehow.

The input with new ideas will be great and meeting like-minded people might give me the opportunity to recruit some help or get more structure in the chaos that are my notes so far.

What will I learn there?
I do a course on game design and game programming so basically applying my prior knowledge in programming and designing a role playing system in the field of computer games. The whole is 2.5 years long and costs an fortune but I will get new connections with developers local and international on the side.

I will keep you (or me, as I am talking to myself so far) up to date with news and will maybe post one or two interesting episodes here (provided they don't collide with my contract).

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