Thursday, 24 March 2011

First Post - kind of disclaimer

So, this is my blog where I will talk about things that tumble around in my confused mind. That said, all posts are my opinion and I don't want to anger anyone and if I do nonetheless, sorry.

What will I be talking about here?
Well, my hobbies which consist of role playing games, writing stories and playing computer games. In the near future, I will be at a game design school and at the moment I am working on a mod for Dragon Age, so I will post ramblings in that regard as well.

Who am I?
Long story short, just a pen&paper rpg geek with too many strange ideas in his head and no real outlet.

So why am I doing this?
Good question, maybe I needed a new way to write ideas down, maybe I am just following the times. Not quite sure myself, but maybe someone might read my ramblings and find them amusing or I just have an outlet to vent some emotions and ideas.

So, have fun,

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