Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Student Project II - Introduction

The second semester at the Games Academy has just started and I am in a new team with not just game designers but artists, programmers and a producer, which is a different feeling than the first project where all members were game designers. The teams are bigger now (up to 10 people), so the need for a producer is higher than before though without one problems will arise even in a team of five.

We will work on a third-person shooter in the Unreal Engine 3. For ease of work we will use the UDK and try to use as much of our own assets as we manage and than use some UDK-Assets for dressing it up a bit better.
I will not give much more details about the game for now because I have to check with the rest of the team but I will post some links to tutorials or tips on working with the UDK in later posts. For now I will share a link to a blog we started during a scripting class on Unreal Script, unfortunately it is mostly in German but the links on it are in English so it won't be too hard to understand.

If I get the OK, I will post more info on the project but as said, it is not my decision...

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