Thursday, 26 January 2012

Student Project II - Making the Level more pretty

After the last milestone we desided to change the storage area a bit and to add blood decals as well as some corpses. The corpse models are taken from Gears of War but we have no intentions to publish the game or even make money with it, so it is okay to use some models that could be used in non-commercial projects.

This is a screen shot before the rearranging of boxes and adding of gore.

The first view of the new arrangement

A view back to the entrance with the big hangar door that is rusted shut

Blood spatters in the floor and the exit barely visible in the distance

A view of the exit and the carnage in front of it.

Some blood and a destroyed lamp.

The last stand from another angle.

The last stand position and the aftermath.

Gore and blood splatter on boxes and shipping containers.

The entrance of the area with new lamp and shipping containers.

The last stand position with a lot of blood and gore.
As you can see, it looks more like a battle took place as the empty hall before. According to the story, all the security troops died or mutated so there have to be mutilated corpses, blood and bullet holes all around. It adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game and there are even some destroyed lamps that shoot sparks in many directions. Speaking of sparks, I started working with Unreal Cascade, the particle system editor in the UDK, and created some particle systems including sparks, floating dust and some puffs of smoke. It is an interesting tool to work with and offers many different options to play around with. I will post some screens of cool particle effects in the future.

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