Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Toils of Everyday Life

My last post is sadly more than a month old and I have not had the time to post anything until now. Much has changed and some things are still the same as ever.

First of all the second semester at the Games Academy is finished, the second game design project handed in and now I have about two or three weeks just for myself. The project was better received as the first one but there were some problems that could have prevented us from handing in a working game,  fortunately we had a working build from the night before. The problems were the results of sleep deprivation during crunch time. I was working on finishing up the path finding in the UDK and must have deleted a vertex of a blocking volume. The result was that the player start was not working any more and the game did not even start properly after that. It was not really my fault having worked three days in a row with only about two hours of sleep, so we couldn't show the very last version of the game but the reception was good nonetheless. Making mistakes like that could have been prevented with some better planing and coordination throughout the whole project but that is something we all had to learn.

Another thing that changed is the level design assignment but it was not finished in a way that I could hand it in. The UDK killed my work of about a week one day before deadline and as a result I could not make the required screen shots and decided to not hand in anything at all which brings me to the things that did not change at all in the last year. I am still not able to keep a schedule for more than three days and I am easily distracted by unimportant things like new episodes of TV series I follow or a game I have not played to the point where I could do it in my sleep. As the second semester progressed my class attendance decreased and my "sick days" increased. It was harder to get up in the morning and easier to skip a class or two. It might sound like another case of ADD but there are things that I can do for hours without any problems but these are things that I chose myself and that I consider fun i.e. there is my Minecraft server that I can play on, forget the world outside and just relax. Maybe I have to contact a psychologist and ask what my problem could be.

Making plans for the next semester seams kind of futile because I know that I will not put the required work into the preparations as is needed for presenting a game concept of my own. As the next semester is the start of my three semester programming course I might fresh up my programming skills a bit and try working through some tutorials on the net.

In past posts I promised some updates on various topics but as far as I can see at the moment I will not post updates for those posts and I will try to not promise things that I cannot deliver in the future... which does not mean that this blog is dead it simply means that I will keep my irregular updates as before whenever I have both the time and the energy to post anything.

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