Monday, 22 August 2016

Hell of a Move

During the last few weeks I was slowly moving from my apartment back into my childhood home. As per normal move I had to get all my stuff packed up and ready to haul over the few kilometer with a small transporter. All that worked out fine and the transport itself was quicker than anticipated but the rooms I was to move in were still filled with old stuff of my parents and I had no space to put my own stuff. So the first day after the move was spend in making space by emptying out one moving box on the floor and take old stuff out of shelves and pack that into the now empty box. After that I could store my stuff on the empty shelf space. This procedure I had to repeat for about 20 boxes and carry out the newly filled boxes to other rooms in the house for my mother to sort into new shelves...

All that might be normal moving procedure but it was new and exhausting to me as I only moved once before 13 years prior to that and in the exact opposite direction. 

One other aspect was really getting clear only a day before the move, there was no real room for me in the house. Yes, there was a bed I could sleep in and a door I could close but that was about all of it. There are three (including myself) people living under the same roof who have to use the same bathroom and coordinate using the kitchen, the washing machine and living spaces. Something I had not to deal with for the 13 years I lived alone in my apartment and a huge change as a result. I had to make room for my stuff and negotiate uses of rooms as well as finding out that I could use my computer but the internet would be too slow to actually stream.

In the two weeks since the move I tried to get everything sorted ( books moved to shelves, papers into binders) but the internet situation was a bit of a chaos and is still not sorted out, so that I noticed that I last streamed about a month ago. So sadly the community I build over the month before might have moved on to something else because I did not have the chance to get the word out that I am unable to stream... and even work on the project because I had no time for it yet.

On a different note, I should be able to get back to schedule as soon as the internet situation is sorted out and everything else is ready to go so far. There might be one or two occasions where have to run errands or have appointments in the next few days or weeks but that is normal organisational stuff that would have happened anyway. 

The project itself is in a state where I have to make a build and give it out to people to test and get feedback before going on in development. I made a build prior to the move but there where a few too many bugs to give it out yet. Once those bugs are gone and the game runs at a reasonable frame rate I will give it to friends and select members of my community to get feedback from them. With that feedback I can improve the base game and start to add more content to it.

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